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Thanks to Gallery of Mother is a sequel to the Brathius Legacy Series Book 1 w…

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Thanks to @bookwormbindz.

Gallery of Mother is a sequel to the Brathius Legacy Series Book 1 which revolves around two different human colonies living at the top of the mountain and down the line. The protagonist, Icelyn’s species, is about to extinct in the world. Sean Brathius is the reason behind the massive destruction. The story is strong, and the issues Jason creates for his characters are noteworthy and exciting.

This story is set 300 years ago, and species are about to be extinct. This psychological dark fiction thriller is packed with secrets, plot twists, and turns that will have you drooling. The characters have depth in this book, which helps the reader connect with them.

The characters remain the same except for a few which have been added. Still, the protagonist has tried to save the human species, which somehow didn’t let the reader predict how things will turn out subsequently.

🖊Writing Style:
The author kept the writing style simple and captivating. He has maintained uniformity in writing during the entire book. This is one of those rare reads which are entirely error-free and no grammatical mistakes with such polished skills.

💸Cost Worth:
The paperbacks are on the steep side, but the kindle version is available at a cheaper rate.

The book has well-developed characters and is much more fascinating than the first book. If you have enjoyed the first book, you are going to love this book too.

Individual characters and scenes are linked with the first book. Thus, due to the story’s continuous past and present mixture, the story is confusing. Nevertheless, this book tells us about humanity, caring, and the helping attitude of the protagonist’s species. This book would be a great companion for fantasy lovers who love to read books with character development.

8/10 by The Booker’s Diary.

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