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Thanks to and for the book and for helping with the review. Samridh Seth is …

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Thanks to @hashtagshivangi and @authorsamridhseth for the book and @shyahi_ki_dhar for helping with the review.

Samridh Seth is an aspiring writer. His marvelous work PAST DWELLERS is a promising work keeping in view his young age. He has used the experiences he gathered in all his years and came out with something beautiful.

Apart from the core content, the uniqueness lies based on “CARPE DEIUM THEORY.” Still, the way he pours down to the reader with diagrams and illustrations is remarkable.

It very much seems to be predictable, but as you begin reading, it’s more than being only about past and associated issues. One can’t merely predict specific content within the chapters.

Writing style:
The author has used different figures of speech and literally made a great effort to depict his thoughts. He made an extra effort by not shying from putting his own life experiences to convey his opinions in the way he wanted. His simple language has made it possible to reach a large audience.

Cost worth:
The paperback cost with the hardcover of the book is INR 345. It can be a bit costlier for some, but again after reading it, there would be no regrets.

Besides its content, the novel is curiosity-driven, especially for genuine readers who will resonate. It’s like once you begin, there is no turning back. I definitely enjoyed reading this book with a lot of resonance at some places description.

The book was even more appealing for two reasons.
One – the beautifully designed cover page, which fills readers with curiosity, tempting them to read.
Second – the author’s illustrations prove his points and are capable enough to convince the readers of his choice. Overall a good read. Looking forward to more of his books, especially when mental health is a need of the hour.

7.5/10 by The Booker’s Diary

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