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Thank you for the review copy and for helping us with the review. Little did …

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Thank you @laurenricoauthor for the review copy and @shyahi_ki_dhar for helping us with the review.

Little did I thought that I got over captive romance novels in my teen days; I got this book, which was irresistible. This dark romance thriller keeps readers hooked till the end. However, they may find some snippets not so impressive.

The uniqueness of the story lies in the plot, and the cover of the book is also appealing. It is often male sexuality talked about in an open milieu. However, Mrs. Lauren had tried to portray women’s fantasies, desire, and gushing passion in her work. She also highlights the burdensome work in front of the protagonist. A delicate balance between the two has been struck.

Keeping the genre in mind, an adult erotic thriller, there is no room for predictability. Mrs. Lauren is always known for twist and turn in her novels, and this read was no different. Part one is left on a cliffhanger for part 2 to take charge.

🖊Writing style:
The author’s portrayal of so-called “forbidden fantasies” are really appreciable. The author uses different figures of speech and literally made a great effort to put emotions. There is passion, nuance of tickling butterflies, anxiety, and fear. It’s a good recipe for some keystone emotions.

The book is purely content-driven and a worthy treat for female readers. Although some chapters may tempt the readers to skip but mainly because of curiosity to go to the core instead of detail redundant descriptions. Overall it’s a good read.

It requires a lot of courage to write erotic sex passion without being obscene. The dark side of romance where love ends and lust takeovers has been beautifully crafted out with the underlying suspense and has clinched the audience. After part one, the readers would definitely look forward to part two.

7.5/10 by The Booker’s Diary


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  1. Doesn’t sound like something I will be interested in but I am glad you enjoyed it

  2. Sounds interesting.. I have hardly read any book on the topic. Will check out 💯

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