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Thank you for the review copy and for helping us with the review. Lauren E Ri…

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Thank you @laurenricoauthor for the review copy and @shyahi_ki_dhar for helping us with the review.

Lauren E Rico began Darkest Desires just from where she left Forbidden Fantasies. The protagonist’s journey to self-discovery continues. It is a well-written tale with dark mystery, suspense, twists, thrills, and love, lust.

The uniqueness lies in the passion and dark romance, which is the core of the plot. Other segments like angst, assault, the dilemma between reality and fantasies, fake-relationship, kidnapping, taboo, suspense keep the reader hooked.

It was quite mysterious, intriguing, and some scenes genuinely got me scared. I just couldn’t predict what was going to happen next. And perhaps this is the beauty of Mrs. Lauren; the way she carries suspense till the end.

🖊Writing style
The author uses different figures of speech and made a great effort to put emotions onto paper. Her already set up story made it easier for the audience to connect. It was the emotions in the plot that were driving the novel.

💸Cost worth
The paperback cost for the book on Amazon is 15.99 USD. The book is easily worth its price

The novel, apart from content, was curiosity lead as well. I definitely enjoyed this one more than book one. Once again, the readers may skip, but mainly due to the curiosity to go to the core crux. She portrayed eroticism, dark romance on paper turning on empathetic switches among the readers. It was worth the read.

Book two was even more appealing for two reasons: First, the curiosity set in book one. Second, the author bravely portrayed the dark side of love, lust, romance, and even society with various taboos- the skirmish between heart and mind of the protagonist. It seems that the protagonist was in that dark end of the tunnel, which ironically was the brightest part of life.

8/10 by The Booker’s Diary.

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