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Successful books with a flawed main character are scarce. It requires the author…

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Successful books with a flawed main character are scarce. It requires the author to balance such that the character is not flawed due to its faults but is likable as the reader can empathize. Brytni Griggs picked a criminal as her protagonist.

The title is catchy and the cover page is shady, however, the book needs improvement in many ways. The author is heavily inspired by John Green and it starts with the life of a misunderstood teenager. The book consists of some elements which are unique to this it like mood swings of a person that can be triggered instantaneously.

I wouldn’t say that the book is predicable, not because of the suspense in the story but because of the lack of the character development. No standard behaviour is associated to any characters in the whole book. After reading 431 pages, it leads to a cliff hanger which is absolutely unnecessary and brings a question if a sequel is to be expected.

🖊Writing style:
Griggs shines her talent in this area with a good story and thoughtful quotes. Sadly, they are hidden very deep. The long descriptions related to the food orders, the religious beliefs, dresses, etc lags the book. The suspense is built throughout the book but never satisfied. Jargon can be avoided as it is not understandable for everyone.

💸Cost worth:
The book is heavily priced in US compared to its peers of the same genre. Also, in markets like India, it is too costly for normal readers to buy.

The book had some page turner points in between but there are a lot of factors which make the reader just give up. Short and sweet descriptions would reduce the additional 100 to 200 pages and will be entertaining for the reader which feels like lagging currently. The core story starts around 110th page.

This book is like a gold mine but needs a lot of heavy machinery tackling it to extract the gold. It has a good story that is worth telling but covered with bad editing, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Having said that, if its edited by right people, it might outshine its peers as the market has very few books with a negative lead female.

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  2. You are right. This combination of character and a good plot is difficult to find. This does sound interesting

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