SEO-related templates to WordPress



Bill Gates once said that content is the king. There has been no one who disagrees with his views for long but when it comes to the successful promotion of a site using WordPress WordPress engine, the routine inclusion of just one quality content is not sufficient.


Code that is stuffed with mistakes isn’t liked by search engines. The difficult usability of menus is a major reason why visitors are turned off. Webmasters take great care when choosing templates and select the most light, comfy and appropriate SEO-optimized templates.

What SEO templates should be included?

Here are the rules that must be in line with SEO-templates.


Include a valid and normal micro-markup.

It aids the search engine to locate faster and better the webpages of the resource. This is a form of common language, which can be understood in Google, Yandex, Bing and many others. It is composed of code that is contained in special tags.

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