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Review – Expectation – Anna Hope (no spoilers) .5 I heard this book from lovel…

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Review – Expectation – Anna Hope (no spoilers)


I heard this book from lovely @recommendthatbook and I read as a buddy read with @megsbookdiary – can’t wait to do another BR with you! 💖

Ok. I just want to say that this review is entirely my own opinion – and that there is no judgement or negative feeling toward Hope, or readers that enjoyed it. Having said that, I have to be honest as a reader (and aspiring writer)so, (deep breath), here goes.

I found this story slow (I actually messaged a friend 200 pages in considering a dnf..) I didn’t feel invested in the characters, and to be honest I thought their behaviour and conversations were very unrealistic. It didn’t feel very thoughtful, and I couldn’t picture the 3 main characters.

I feel the text could have been halved – a lot, I thought, was unnecessary extra context that didn’t add substance. There were some twists in the plot, but again, I found it convenient..

But looking at the positive side!!💖

I could see what Anna Hope was trying to do. And I did learn from it that I hope in 10/20/30 years to come, I treat my friends & family with honesty, love and compassion, that I am in a healthy relationship or happily single, that I am a kind, non judgemental person, and that I work hard for a career I enjoy. So I appreciate the book in that sense.

I didn’t like the main 3 characters (they were two faced and unfaithful considering they were best friends!) – but maybe that’s part of the concept behind the book. Life doesn’t pan out like you *expect* and time changes you. But for me, I felt this could have been written in a more impactful, realistic way to make that point.

Personally, it wasn’t for me. But it’s given me food for thought for how I hope i will turn out as a person, friend, mother and partner in the future.

On to the next book!! ☺️🙊

8 thoughts on “Review – Expectation – Anna Hope (no spoilers) .5 I heard this book from lovel…

  1. Really interesting review!! I quite liked the book but it’s always nice to hear a different side ☺️☺️

  2. Oooh Katie I have this on my shelf. I wonder if I’ll think the same when I get around to it! X

  3. Loved buddy reading this with you and glad we shared some of the same thoughts! This is a great, honest review 💖

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