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READ THE CAPTION FOR THE RULES!! So I’ve been talking about this for a long tim…

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So I’ve been talking about this for a long time. It was high time I started this.


Here are the rules-

1️⃣ Continue the story from the previous comment. If this is the first comment, continue the story from the last slide (second-last 😜)

2️⃣ Number your comment sequentially after the previous comment. E.g. The first comment would start with 1. … The next writer would add his/her comment in continuation with 2. …

3️⃣ The post will close next Wednesday (30th September).an continue the story after someone else has added. Character length is limited by Instagram comments. : Do

4️⃣ The post will close next Wednesday (30th September).

6 thoughts on “READ THE CAPTION FOR THE RULES!! So I’ve been talking about this for a long tim…

  1. 1) He was moving forward as he had lost all hope and hope has a razor thin edge.. every time you hold , it cuts.. so he just wanted to let go of all the hope and surrender.. and as he closed and was about to take a step forward a hand reached and grabbed him by his collar..

  2. 2) I felt a strong pull away from his trance state as he fell on the hard pavement of the platform. His head was reeling from all the adrenaline. He looked up. His vision was still blurry. All he could was a silhouette.

  3. God damn! What was I going to do, he exclaimed! It didn’t take him long to realize the same heavy hand which had pulled him back was still holding by his collar. He sighed that he was still alive and turned to thank the person whom he knew till now only by the the hand. He couldn’t believe the coincidence..

  4. They shared an unusual bond, on very first day of his arrival in Mumbai, advaith found this old man looking for food. Advaith paid for his meal and provides him money for next day meal as well. He is still in shock at the same time helpless.

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