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November purchases Quit like a woman – by Holly Whittaker – I’m tee total beca…

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November purchases 👌

Quit like a woman – by Holly Whittaker – I’m tee total because I have a real, allergic reaction to the chemical inside the booze, and this is something I deal with on a regular basis when I’m out (pre covid), dealing with all sorts. I’ve been in situations where I’ve been asked to the pub and then that offer gets taken back when they know I don’t drink alcohol, I’ve watched people joke about “people who don’t drink are boring, cos it makes you more fun”, I’ve been asked and told, with eyes that just don’t get it, the following:

⚡ Where do you get your buzz from? You’ve got no fuel!
⚡ Why don’t you drink? What’s wrong with you?
⚡You’re boring.

I’m hoping this book will provide some resonance of some kind.

The places I’ve cried in public – Holly Bourne. This was a big recommendation by @leelovesbooks and as far as I know, it’s about how a young woman moves on and handles the heartbreak from a toxic, manipulative relationship.

Have you read either of these? I’ve tagged a few people to show me what books you’ve recently bought, but there’s no pressure!

11 thoughts on “November purchases Quit like a woman – by Holly Whittaker – I’m tee total beca…

  1. I’ll do this in a couple of weeks when I buy myself some new books 😂 and I loved the places I’ve cried in public 🤩

  2. Can’t believe people have took back invites to pubs. Twats!
    I haven’t read either but I’ve got the places I’ve cried in public to read 📚
    Thankyou for the tag🖤

  3. The places I’ve cried in public made me feel soooo many things 😭 and I actually made me realise that my ex was a huge narcissist, defo not a standard YA book!

  4. Quit Like A Woman sounds amazing! I hadn’t heard of it before. I don’t drink very often and I get a lot of judgment as well with similar comments which is frustrating! Hope you enjoy these books 😊

  5. I can’t wait to try Places I’ve cried in public! Heard fab things. I’m banning myself from buying anymore until Christmas haha 😂 but starting a man called ove really really soon!

  6. Haven’t read either, but will now put on my TBR list 😊 And I don’t drink either. So you’re not alone.

  7. Thank you for the tag 💕✨ I actually have been sticking to my book ban and haven’t bought any new in a while!

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