MozCon Virtual 2021 Interview Series: Dana DiTomaso


Dana DiTomaso is the founder and president of Kick Point an established Canadian Digital Marketing Agency. Her name is well-known for her innovative and creative presentations on analytics and tracking and other growth-oriented marketing strategies. She has presented in the past at SMX, Local Search Summit and Engage and we’re delighted to have her back at MozCon Virtual this year. MozCon Virtual where she’ll talk about the latest developments in web development which places SEO first. Find out what she has to say prior to this year’s event!


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Questions:2020 was quite the year. What were you doing this year? Did you have any unexpected projects or favorites you completed?


DanaLike others, many of my friends moved! I’m currently living in Vancouver Island and I can virtually view across the USA from my home -however, I’ve not had the chance to go there. Also, I finished my first class which I hope will be the last of them, for LinkedIn Learning on the topic of technical SEO. My next class is in the process of being developed and will focus on how to move between Google Analytics Universal to GA4 and will be available in the fall.


At Kick Point we’ve seen growth in the last year and we’re now twelve! Much like many agencies, we’ve seen some positive outcomes from an otherwise awful year for many. We’re fortunate to be so.


Q: What’s the most significant change you’ve observed in the SEO sector over the last year? How will that affect the work you do here at Kick Point, if at any point?


DThe most significant change of the year is launch of Core Web Vitals that, at the time of writing is in the process of being implemented right now. I’m extremely interested to see how it affects SEO throughout the rest of 2021. I’m not sure if I want to talk too much in the event that it becomes very old!


Q What was your presentation last year? spoke about using an exploration process to convert the red flags into green. Are we likely to see the same ideas in your next presentation? What is the best way to tell?


DAbsolutely! This year’s article is an update to the previous year’s. In the past, I covered the discovery process of marketing-related projects This year, I’m covering web-based discovery projects. These discovery processes have led to remarkable adjustments in Kick Point in terms of how we interact with new clients. It’s truly been awe-inspiring. I hope that the people who hear my talk can take several of the insights we’ve learned and incorporate them into their process.


Q A: In your MozCon talk you’ll discuss how to design a site with an eye on the search engine. What was the motivation behind you to talk about this subject during MozCon 2021?


DI consider it to be a area that’s not being covered enough. It’s not uncommon to see an actual divide between the SEO and the developer worlds and I’m hoping we can bridge the gap. In particular, with the introduction of Core Web Vitals, these two teams must cooperate much more closely than they have ever.


In addition, this talk is based on many of our own experience concerning better methods to manage projects on websites. As we’ve embraced this approach, web projects are a lot more enjoyable – less stress in terms of time, quality, and budget, and everything else that we all desire in the course of a website but are impossible to accomplish. It’s not a guarantee that this will fix everything in a flash, but it will certainly help you to be on a more positive way.


Q What are the issues SEOs have to overcome when it comes to web development?

D: Being taken seriously! I’ve been in this area for 21 years now , and I cannot remember how many times I’ve been on calls with a developer, or even a development team to discuss SEO suggestions and then being completely ignored, that the recommendations aren’t required or we’re doing something wrong and that the designer should know better. It’s a very frustrating position for a person to get into. I’m sure that other SEOs who have read this blog have experienced similar experiences.

Q What is the reason to SEO to be ahead of the curve in terms of website development? What has changed in the relationship in the past?

DBecause It’s much simpler and less expensive to have SEO-related recommendations included at the beginning rather than trying to incorporate them after the site has been completed. I believe it’s true that designers are informed about SEO nowadays, however there is still a great deal of doubt. It’s crucial to make it clear that you’re not here to put the developer under the bus. They do not have to be an SEO expert and should not be expected to master everything about SEO things. Being able to show that you’re here to support them right from the beginning will be a huge help in ensuring that the relationship is successful.

Q What’s your top method to ensure that SEO has a seat at the table during the event of a rebranding for a website?

DYou must begin by educating yourself. It could be that the team you’re working with you’re working with isn’t fully aware of the importance of SEO or perhaps they have a very outdated understanding of the concept of SEO is and how it can help. Tom Critchlow has an excellent article that he just published about how to persuade the top executives to be interested in SEO and, based on my experience, is a must read.

Q What are the most important points you want your audience to take away?

DI I want everyone to be aware that there’s a gap between agile and waterfall in web development processes. I’m hoping that people appreciate our blueprint process and that it will assist them in making better web design plans. Also, I’m eager to present the idea of a keyword research presentation I got through Rebekah Baggs as well as Chris Corak. It’s amazing!

Q: Which of the MozCon lineup have you been most looking forward to watching this year? Any other events you’re eager to see?


DThe Talks given presented by Dr. Pete, Areej AbuAli and Britney Muller are all great! Also, of course, I’ll be there to watch Brie Anderson’s presentation since GA4 is very dear to me. I’m also excited to see if we can have the opportunity to attend in person MozCon this year! There’s really no substitute for the pleasure of speaking in front of an audience live.

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