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Intro: This book consists of 544 pages, which revolve around two different human…

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Intro: This book consists of 544 pages, which revolve around two different human colonies living at the top of the mountain and down the line. The protagonist Icelyn and her friend crossed the wall, which is not meant to be crossed. The character sketch is fierce, strong, powerful, and protective.

The books’ plot is really unique. Set about 300 years ago, which rubs off the entire human population and says whenever there will be an apocalypse, there will be survivors who will survive throughout.

Multiple characters keep entering. It is not easy to predict the story and how it will unravel. However, it great to read that so many characters do not overlap.

Writing Style:
The author kept the writing style captivating yet straightforward. The usage of vocabulary made me look for a dictionary on at least two-three occasions. The writer has maintained the uniformity in writing throughout the book.

Cost Worth:
The paperbacks are quite steep, but the kindle version is without cost.

With such a unique storyline and captivating writing style, the characters are well developed. The reader can build a connection with the plot as well. Any fantasy lover is going to enjoy this a lot. The fascinating world in which the story takes place is very well imagined and easy to follow.

Being from a fantasy genre, I enjoyed the story, which has some slow flat spots and is a little too long for my personal taste. It is well written and balanced with good action/adventure and interesting characters that kept me turning the pages. The beginning of the book is a bit slow, which made the reader feel skeptical. The book is quite long, which I think could have reduced to a certain extent. But overall, it’s an enjoyable read, and would highly recommend it.

7.5 by The Booker’s Diary

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