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I had never thought that I would have a tough time dealing with my anxiety and u…

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I had never thought that I would have a tough time dealing with my anxiety and upcoming melancholic days. It’s a damn intriguing book with new insights and outlook towards various life segments that can’t be mitigated. The only option is to adapt!

The title of the book is very tempting, luring readers to opt for it. It takes one through a pleasant ride of ecstasy, providing a window for self-love, self-evaluation, and maintaining a healthy outlook against the backdrop of dejection!
Another exciting aspect that made me praise the book is its one-liners at the end. Those hit the right chord.

The author may give an overall notion of motivation. Still, each of the snippets is unique in its own way, and one simply can’t predict what’s within it without reading it.

Writing style:
The author has used many abbreviations skillfully, adding a pinch of humour wherever possible and easing things out. Some words may go against the community, but it’s essential to shed our frustration, clearing our slates for some motivation to peep in!

The book’s cost is a bit out of pocket at INR 449, but again one with kindle unlimited and trial versions can go off well with it.

The book is purely content-driven and a worthy treat for readers, particularly youngsters. Taking along to a world of fantasies, passion, love, lust, and all its forms, searching for motivation, inspiration, and idols through different perspectives.

It’s appreciable to come out with something like this. As the title suggests, it’s definitely real ass poetry from a real a** poet. Writing passion with motivation without being obscene is really praiseworthy, and I believe the author has done it in style. The ethical dilemmas between reality and idealism; the dark side versus the better half, has been beautifully dealt with, with the undertone of humour cutting in.

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