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Do you believe in ghosts? Do ghosts exist for a purpose? This is the story of a …

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Do you believe in ghosts? Do ghosts exist for a purpose? This is the story of a series of mysterious gruesome murders and how they are solved by a detective who can talk to ghosts. This is the story of Detective Victoria Brooks.

This is a paranormal thriller with an evil spirit on a murderous rampage and a detective talking to ghosts. As the case progresses, old graves are dug up (not literally 😁), and plots are revealed. The uniqueness lies in the complex plotline. Multiple stories run in parallel. As you keep reading, you realize how tightly intertwined they are.

It was hard to predict what was going to happen in this book. I had a general idea of what I would expect based on all my experience as a reader. However, the plot twists were neither out of the blue nor entirely predictable. The story was more or less linear but with an air of uncertainty which made it unpredictable.

🖊Writing Style
The author has very skillfully written the story. She started with an intense prologue and kept unveiling the plot slowly and steadily at precisely the right time. The bulk of the story is written from one Point of View. Still, the author shifts the perspective strategically to create more mystery. The author has adopted a simple language and narration style making the book very easy to read.

💸Cost Worth
The paperback edition costs around ₹450, while the kindle edition is at ₹90. I would gladly pay for the paperback edition as well.

This book is simply unputdownable. Very rarely does it happen that I have to pull myself away from a book. The writing style coupled with the master storytelling kept me hooked till the very end. The ending felt a little rushed and could’ve been extended a little. However, I enjoyed reading the book. So much that I finished it in 3 days which is record time for me.

A complex plot, clever storytelling, and a simple narration make this book unputdownable. As it turns out, this is the first book in a series, which I was not expecting, given how the story ended. However, now that I know, I can’t stop thinking about it. I am definitely looking forward to more stories by Jemimah Jonah.

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  1. I have only read one horror book till now The Shining 😝 maybe i can try more in this genre

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