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How do I find anchor text?
The anchor text will be the clickable, visible text of hyperlinks. In the modern browsers, it’s typically highlighted and blue in a way, like this hyperlink for the Moz Homepage.

Code Sample
Anchor Text Example
The best format
SEO-friendly anchor texts are concise and pertinent to intended page(i.e. the webpage it’s linking).

Anchor text defined
Anchor text is visible text and characters displayed by hyperlinks when they link to another site or document on the internet. It typically appears in blue underlined text however, you can change the color and style of links by editing your HTML and CSS.

Anchor text is able to provide search engines as well as users with pertinent information on the context of the hyperlink’s destination.

In the example above of the link code, the word ‘Tiny dancing horse can be used as the anchor text of the hyperlink.

Search engines make use of external anchor texts (text that other websites use for linking to your site) to reflect how people perceive your site — and in turn what your website’s content could be about. Although webmasters generally can’t influence how other websites link to their site, “you can make sure that anchor text you use within your own site is useful, descriptive, and relevant.” ( Source: Google )

If several sites agree that a specific page is relevant to the specific set of words the page may be able to rank high even if the terms aren’t mentioned in the text.

Anchor text types

An anchor’s text can be described as “exact match” if it contains a keyword that mirrors the page linked to. For example, ‘link Building is linking to a page on link building.


Anchor text that is variations of the keyword in the page that is linked to. For instance “link building strategies” linking to a webpage about link building.


Brand names are used to anchor the text. For instance, ‘Moz’ is a link to an article posted on Moz’s blog. Moz Blog.

Nude link

A URL that serves to serve as an anchor. For instance, ‘ is a non-naked link anchor.


A generic term or phrase which is used as an anchor. “Click here” is a popular anchor that is generic.


If images are linked Google will utilize the text in the alt attribute as anchor text.

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SEO best practices
Anchor text that is SEO friendly:

Relevant to the page linked to
Keyword density is low (not excessively heavy on keywords)
Not generic
Remember that you’re not likely to have any influence on the anchor texts other websites use in order to link to your website’s content. This means that the majority the best practices listed here will determine how you can best utilize anchor text within your personal site.

Short anchor text
Although there’s no minimum length for anchor text however, it’s recommended to make your anchor text as short as is possible. In the final analysis however, the words you be included within your anchor text must be based on two primary factors to take into account:

Which is the best, most succinct exact method of describing the link-to page?
What words or phrases could make users click an advertisement?
Relevance of the target page
As search engines matured and advanced, they’ve started to recognize more ways to determine ranking. One of the metrics that stand above the other is the relevancy of links,or how related the content of page A to page B when one of them links directly to another. Relevant links can boost the probability for both the page A and B ranking in search results that are related to their subject.

Link relevancy is a natural process that happens when users hyperlink to other sites on the internet. This is determined using:

The subject of the original page
The anchor text’s contents on the source page
Links that link to content that is related to the subject of the original page are more likely to transmit stronger relevant signals than links that point to non-related content. For instance, a website on the top lattes in Seattle is likely to send an improved relevancy signals towards Google in the event that it hyperlinks to the website of a coffee shop as opposed to when it links to a website featuring images of babies.

Search engines look at the various anchor text variations which are used to hyperlink directly to an original source and make use of them as an additional indicator of what the article is about and which search queries it may be relevant. This, along together with the natural processing as well as other factors such as link information hierarchy and source, comprise the majority of online signals for link relevancy. To ensure that your links transmit powerful signals of relevancy, make sure that the text of your link as precise of the webpage you’re linking to as it is.

Anchor text keyword density
As part of the Penguin algorithm update, Google began to take a closer look at the anchor text keywords. If a large percentage of the links on a website’s inbound pages have the same anchor words, the site could appear suspicious, and could be an indication that the links weren’t crafted naturally. In general, it’s an ideal practice to acquire and utilize keyword- and specific anchor texts when it is feasible. SEOs could have better results if they search to find a range of natural anchor text words instead of using the exact same keyword every time.

In that regard, an important point to remember: don’t overload it by using keywords-heavy internal hyperlinks. Internal linking is definitely an ideal practice to follow however, be cautious with the anchor text you choose to use to connect your pages. If too many links on an individual page are all using the same anchor text even if they’re all on your site, Google might sense spammy behaviour.

Frequently asked questions
How can you optimize an anchor text?
The easiest way to optimize your anchor texts for optimization to ensure that the anchor text is using specific keywords that can accurately describe the site or concept you’re linking to. But be cautious! When it comes to SEO it’s very easy to “over-optimize” your anchor text by relying too heavily on keyword-rich, repetitive phrases. In real life it’s not always easy to connect with an “perfect” anchor text, and it’s generally ideal to emulate this method when you link to your site.

What is rich anchor text?
Rich anchor text is simply anchor text with desired, targeted keywords. They are usually the keywords you’d want to be ranked for. Don’t go overboard with your anchor text rich because this isn’t how people typically or naturally hyperlink, and it could result in Google considering your site to be “over-optimized.”

What is the importance of anchor text?
Anchor text is crucial to SEO because it is able to be used to inform Google what a website’s about. Actually, using anchor text to rank a page has been mentioned in a number of Google patents. The absence of anchor text or using generic anchor texts like “click here” is generally considered to be a bad SEO practice.


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