5 local business marketing tips taken from MozCon Virtual 2021


It was a pleasure to take part in three days of intense knowledge during MozCon Virtual 2021 with some of the most renowned digital marketing experts. Although only one session was focused specifically on local business strategies It’s my local SEO tendency to view everything from a local perspective. I took notes on pages of suggestions that I believe are extremely valuable to local business owners and the marketing companies they work with.

This MozCon 2021 conference video package is available to anyone who was unable to attend the event. Today I’d like to offer you some insight into the lessons you can take away from the most pertinent and interesting videos, which you can apply to the local businesses you’re marketing.

1. The first studies begin to show Google Posts strategies

Google Posts exist for a while however it’s only been recent that we’ve started to observe studies that determine the most effective strategies to use the feature. Joy Hawkins was our sole expert from the local area at MozCon 2021. She made use of her speaking spot to provide a variety of Google Posts suggestions for attendees from the agency’s tests. Here are some of my favorite tips:

  • COVID and Offer-type posts were the most clicked-on in 2020. Posts with specials are clearly winners.
  • Avoid using stock photography However, do include text to boost the amount of engagement.
  • Enjoy using emojis on your posts. Emojis can increase the number of clicks!

Here are a few of the key takeaways from her session and the general realization that, although postings don’t seem to have a direct effect on the local pack ranking, they can influence local justifications for up to 60 days at a time and, most importantly increase the number of visitors to your site!

2. Local customers require information regardless of disruptions

I spotted a common topic in the impressive presentations given by Shannon McGuirkCyrus Shepard as well as Ross Simmonds that the COVID-19 epidemic certainly has neverdecreased the need of people to get information via the Internet. Each presenter approaches the issue from a different perspective:

  • Shannon’s company suffered a loss of half of the company’s revenues within the first few weeks of the epidemic and was forced to shift from long-term planning of content towards a more reactive type of marketing, which is quick to adapt to the current trends. Like virtual companies local businesses are also facing an environment where it is more difficult to plan promotional events particularly when there aren’t many local journalists to contact. Shannon’s presentation describes the most transparent details the way her business has come to terms with the disruption.
  • Cyrus explains why the patents Google invests in to improve the user’s behavior have set targets of businesses being the primary click longest click, and finally the last click for people searching. If you have the right content your local business can be the one that the user decides to go to first when they search and then stays for the longest time and does not need to go away since their needs are fulfilled. As Cyrus says, “User satisfaction is the #1 ranking factor!”
  • Ross describes the reasons you have to consider your company as a media organization, and determine what content will be significant to your local community, so that you can make investments on relevant, relevant material. This is the guiding principal within Moz’s Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide where we encourage entrepreneurs in the local market to view themselves as media producers.

3. Sorry that your local business’s website is showing signs of decay.

It could feel as if you’re in a dentist’s chair listening to this, but fortunately, Kameron Jenkins of Shopify offers a solution to this situation, where the traffic to your site’s older posts and pages naturally declines with time. If your business’s local operation relies heavily on publication of articles to drive revenues and traffic, content decay is a major issue (and it’s a constant one) since your content is continually getting old. The solution is to implement an continuous refresh of content strategy where you can analyze and revise old content to ensure they remain up-to-date.

But the more extensive your content library larger, the more difficult it could be to complete this task. In actual fact, Kameron found that 25 percent or less of the time spent by content marketers is spent on refreshes of content. The great news is that a mix with free software can be easier to begin slowing the process of decay. For example:

  1. The no-cost “landing pages” report in Google Analytics lets you set dates to find out which content assets are losing visitors in the course of time.
  2. Google Search Console is also free and lets you know the assets that are losing search positions as time passes.
  3. In Google Analytics, the Goal Conversion Rate and Completions columns tell the assets that have the highest conversion rates. They also help you to prioritize updating older assets with the potential to yield the highest conversions when you upgrade them.

If you buy MozCon 2021 video bundle, you will get MozCon 2021 Video Bundle, you’ll get every single image in the tutorial by Kameron and she’ll guide you through ways to refresh your page so that it can gain a brand new advantage in the market by utilizing original research, new expert advice, enhanced internal links, and much many more! Every local business that has embraced publishing as a key element of their marketing strategies online should be able to see the benefits of the ability to refresh content that is deteriorating instead of letting it go without being managed.

4. A bit of experience can make a huge an impact in the local environment

Many of the speakers at MozCon are in contact with large enterprises and are constantly looking to find strategies that will make brands stand out in highly competitive markets. The good news for local companies and their agents is that our market is, in essence, restricted to the local area, which means that smart strategies can bring huge wins within a specific city or even a specific region!

Look over Joyce Collarde’s side-by-side comparison between clients on the left who uses video schema markup as opposed to. an image on the right that does not have schema. Imagine what your local business could do to take advantage of more screen space with a bit of expertise in technology:

She also has lots of helpful suggestions for B2B models most of which are obviously local!

However, Lily Ray‘s amazing presentation is an absolute must-watch on the part of any small business operating in an sector that has a direct impact on people’s lives as well as their finances (think dentists, doctors and financial advisors.). Lily shows the dramatic changes that have been made in the organic search results in the wake of the Google’s recent “Medic” update, favouring companies that are Google-approved for competence, authority and reliability (E-A-T). If your business is in a your-money-or-your-life (YMYL) category, learning to bake E-A-T into your content and marketing strategies can give you a significant lift in your local market.

Rob Ousbey mentions a tool I use frequently to find Local linktationsLink Intersect. He then turns the idea around by introducing a brand new Moz alpha test named the Topical Link Finder to assist you in finding links that are relevant to the keywords that your competitors rank for. Moz Pro and Moz community users are welcome to explore this tool and I believe it can be an excellent benefit for local businesses that are looking for link-building opportunities in the industry. While you’re there you should check out the first version of the Keyword Grouper on-page to help you decide the best time to split an article into several pages instead of placing everything onto a single URL.

In the end, Casie Gillette‘s mention of Recordit that allows you to custom create GIFs immediately reminded me of Darren Shaw’s recent revelation which allows you to make use of them instead of static images in Google My Business Products if you save them as JPEG instead of an GIF. Be careful not to go overboard, but subtle animations can make the products of your local business make an impression!

5. Don’t follow local trends and be bold to stand out

Many MozCon 2020 speakers cautioned against guiding an enterprise based by relying on preconceived notions. There are always new developments in marketing as well as shiny innovative ideas in the realm of strategy and technology, but the most important thing is what is best for your clients. For instance:

  • Casie Gillette, who was mentioned earlier has made a powerful point of reminding us of the widely-held belief of “print is dead”. Let that be known the story to Yankee Candles, whose print catalogs played an important part for its 122.9 million revenue in the year 2020. In the past, nearly everyone believed that milkman was a thing that was a thing of the past. But not so! Takeaway: don’t simply follow trends. You might be told that your local company should spend hours a week to promote its business on social media however, if your customers tell you that they would like is home delivery or better-trained staff, an easier to clean store…put your money in the right place and let them use it!
  • the Moz’s very own Dr. Peter J. Meyers reminds us that brick-and-mortar competition might not be as good as those we compete with in the organic SERPs. It is important to look over the results you see for the search terms that are relevant to your customers specifically to confirm on who’s in competition with you for key phrases.
  • Wil Reynolds suggests bringing a little personal ego into your SEO process, and also a willingness to be skeptical about every aspect. Reynolds advises companies to take marketing decisions based on the foundation of data and sums it all up in a way that is clear: The less you comprehend your customer and the more money you have to have to spend on their attention.

My opinion is that local business owners enjoy an advantage over their online counterparts because you are in the same area as your customers and might have been immersed in the culture of your local town or city all your life. Locally, tech is there to facilitate communication and your top lessons of MozCon 2021’s video bundle MozCon 2021 video collection will be a whole new level of trust and experience that will make you a better, more knowledgeable, well-equipped and effective communicator.

Your online-only colleagues must use these abilities in the world of business where they compete with all the other people in the world for attention. For you, if you’re marketing locally-based businesses by investing in the education of you and your team will provide you with a significant boost on the path towards becoming a household name.

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